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GISS-M is a Global Information Security Company Providing an array of security Services and consultancy across the globe to various Blue-chip companies across all industries including, Banking, Telecom, Petroleum, major Retailing, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc...

Our expert teams have accumulated cutting edge experience in information security across various industries and committed to deliver this value to our global clients.

GISS-M's approach is unique in that is not only focused on technical deliverables but also focused on soft deliverables such as communications, reporting and documentations, stake holder management, expectation management etc that is required to ensure optimum understanding is achieved with a target of providing maximum customer value.

A number of our clients have expressed great satisfaction on the deliverables provided during the life cycle of the engaged projects/programs. Statistics done by major organizations indicate that 70 percent of major projects/programs fail at first attempt, we have been able to turn around such security projects to successful delivery using our experience on the field with the unique delivery methodology.

We cater for a number of areas in information security from building and operating Security Operation Centers to defining and developing information security Organisational strategies for Multinational Organizations of different industries including Banking, Telecoms, energy, goverment departments, etc..

We ensure latest type of cyber threats are always embedded as part of our strategic deliverables methodologies.

Please visit our services section for detailed breakdown of services offered as part of our port folio.

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